This and That 11-05-11

Remembering A Home Church – Sometimes we tend to think of “church” generically as a synonym for Christians, some invisible blob of everyone who believes the same facts about Jesus or who follows the same principles from the first century. Yes, the church is the transnational, transgenerational Body of Christ, the redeemed of all of the ages. But the church expresses itself in this age in local, palpable gatherings of believers in covenant with one another. – Russell Moore

Amen – And all the people said… “Amen!” The “amen corner” has had an important place in the life of the church throughout the ages. However, it is rare to find such a spot among Presbyterians. We are known as God’s frozen chosen for a reason. It has been said that the Methodists like to shout “Fire,” the Baptists like to shout “Water,” and the Presbyterians like to softly say, “Order, order.” Nevertheless, in spite of the idiosyncrasies of various ecclesiastical persuasions, the function of the word amen far transcends denominational usages in the modern era. – R.C. Sproul

How to Handle A Hostile TV Interviewer – A more recent example of this came last week when Paxman interviewed Southern Baptist pastor Robert Jeffress, who made news by describing Mormonism as a cult when introducing Presidential candidate Rick Perry to an audience of potential supporters. Jeffress gives some excellent answers and, whether you agree with him or not, I think he’s a great example of how a Christian should respond clearly, courageously, evangelistically and unapologetically  to a hostile interviewer.   Watch the interview here. – David Murray

What Not to Say to Single Women in Your Church – After reading yesterday’s post I received an email from a woman with some suggestions on what not to say to single women in your church. I thought her comments rang true and were well written. She gave me permission to post them here. – Kevin DeYoung


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