Quick Political Thoughts

It seems like liberals. moderates and the main stream media is doing everything in its power to admonish Republicans to accept the Mormon faith of Mitt Romney.  In fact, it is bigoted not to call Mormons Christian.  However, does anyone remember just a few years ago these same groups were calling Mormons religious fanatics for their vocal opposition to homosexual marriage in California?

Herman Cain announced that he will be lightening his campaign load.  Why?  Because he has been flip-flopping all over the place and mis-speaking.  His excuse has been that he is tired and over-scheduled.  Well, Mr. Cain, if you can’t handle the campaign trail, what would you do if you actually got the job?  Maybe take a deep breath borrow one of Mark Block’s cigarettes…

After hearing Paul Ryan speak this past week, I’m certian this man should be President.  Should he ever run, he has my support.

I’m still not 100% sure who to support in the Wisconsin Senate race, but I think .  Tommy Thompson is not an option in my mind.  Jeff Fitzgerald seems like a guy I could get behind, but I’m not sure anyone with the name Fitzgerald can win a general election at this point.  That basically leaves Mark Neumann.  I didn’t vote for him for governor, but since then the guy is looking pretty good to me.  If I ha to vote now, he would get my support.  But, I still be convinced to go in another direction.  Any thoughts?


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