National Pro Life Day of Silent Solidarity at RCCS

As you may recall from previous posts, the school that I teach at (Rock County Christian School – Beloit, WI) took part in the National Pro Life Day of Silent Solidarity.  You can learn more about it at  Bascially, we encouraging students to wear a red armband/wristband (or red duct tape) and specially-made tee-shirts in remembrance of the over 48 million children who have had their voices silenced through surgical abortion.  We had several moments of silence throughout the day, including a time of prayer for public school students who took this stand as well.

Overall I think we had a good day.  Along with the activities above, the high school students also watched the 180 documentary.  This gave students alot to think about and have some good classroom discussion about it.  I was very glad to see many students voluntarily giving up their voice for the entire day.

In chapel that day, Randy Melchert gave students even more to think about by raising some interesting points and answering many of thier questions.  You can watch Randy’s message below:


One thought on “National Pro Life Day of Silent Solidarity at RCCS

  1. Hello what i think you are doing is most admirable in taking a stance and having these wonderful children share in the effort on awareness of what is going on in this country today what evils the government is sanctioning in our hospitals across the country …

    The LORD Bless your efforts to make known to the rest of us the importance of having these evils stopped. Please direct me how I can help combat the ilegal use of American tax payers money to fund such insanity is all i ask . I have been trying to find out how to go about contacting the local government and members of congress to not use my tax dollars even in this or foriegn programs like this … Would love to know your input on how to do it … Thank you very much .

    God bless


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