Book Review: Abortion by R.C. Sproul

Title:  Abortion:  A Rational Look at an Emotional Issue
Author:  R.C. Sproul
Publisher:  Reformation Trust
Publishing Year:  2010
Pages:  232
My Rating:  5 out of 5 (1 meaning I hated the book, 5 meaning I loved the book)

Yesterday students across the nation took part in the National Pro Life Day of Silent Solidarity which got me thinking about this book by R.C. Sproul.  This was updated and released just in time for 37th anniversary for the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision.  The goal was to get this book in the hands of every congressman and senator in Washington.  If they read the book, it would not doubt have an impact. 

This book is well worth the read, and I would encourage everyone objectively thinking about this issue to go out a buy a copy.  One by one, Sproul tackles the objections of the pro-choice crowd and systematically and intelligently dismantles each of them. There is much discussion on issues such as the role of government, imposing morality, when life actually begins and the nature of sin in general.  But, wait, there’s more…

It seems as though most pro-life material out there seeks to either pull at the heart strings or outrage the civilized, clear thinking conscience.  However, this book provides a well-thought out philosophical worldview that not only is not only useful in attacking pro-choice arguments, but grounds the Christian in a thoroughly Biblical foundation that promotes the sanctity of life in the image of God. 

Here’s just one example of what you will find in the book:

“In so far as we are still human, we retain the image of God in the wider sense.  We are still valuable creatures.  We may no longer be worthy, but we still have worth.  This is the resounding biblical message of redemption.  The creatures God created are the same creatures He is moved to redeem.  Because Christians speak so tirelessly about human sin, do they have a low view of humanity?  Indeed, they have a love view of human virtue, but not a corresponding love view of human worth or importance.  It is precisely because the Bible has such a high view of human dignity that Christian take human sin so seriously.  If one rat steals another rat’s food, we don’t get morally outraged.  But, it one human steals another human’s food, we rightly become concerned.” (pages 22-23)

Clearly, R.C. Sproul’s gift is his ability to explain difficult concepts in an easy-to-understand manner.  I taught through much of this material with my high school students and found it a huge help.  The summary and discussion questions at the end of each chapter also help in taking in all this material.

I don’t normally say this, but this is a “must-read.”  If you have any commitment to the life issue, buy this book!  If you wonder why so many are committed to the life issue, buy this book!  You will not regret it.

Purchase the book at:  CBD  or Amazon

Disclaimer: This book was provided by the publisher for review. I was under no obligation to offer a favorable review.

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