Podcast 31: Sorry, Governor Romney, Mormonism is a Cult

Last Saturday, Pastor Robert Jeffress made headlines in his introduction of Governor Rick Perry at the Value Voters Summit.  Pastor Jeffress claimed Mitt Romney was a not a true Christian as Mormonism is a cult.  The press went crazy!  Even conservatives called the man a bigot.  While there has been much discussion about the political ramifications of this statement, there has been little discussion about the real issue at hand – was Jeffress right?  Is Mormonism actually a cult?

I think after you download this week’s Understanding Our Times podcast you will be left with only one conclusion – Mormonism is a cult.  We have freedom of religion in our country, so Governor Romney is certainly entitled to his belief, but he is not entitled to take on a historical label that has a clear definition. 

In this latest podcast I sit down with Pastor Dan Gibson of Janesville, WI (Covenant Reformed Presbyterian Church) and define what a cult really is a just how Mormonism is radically opposed to the Biblical doctrines of the orthodox, historic Christian faith.   Pastor Gibson has a unique perspective on this topic as he was once a leader within the Mormon church before coming to a true saving faith in Christ. 

Download the mp3 right here or listen to stream here.

Some of our faithful USOT listeners will remember that Pastor Gibson has guest hosted this podcast twice in the past:

Entitlements with Pastor Dan Gibson

Bible Promises with Pastor Dan Gibson


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