The Winner of Tonight’s Debate Was…

I must admit, I love debate season!  So, who won tonight’s Washington Post/Bloomberg GOP Presidential debate?  I think it’s a toss-up.  I want to say Herman Cain. I think I’m beginning to like this guy.  I’m not quite sure if I’m ready to jump on board the Cain train just yet…  He obviously had the most at stake tonight.  This was his first debate since gaining top-tier status.  I think after tonight, there’s no question he has earned this status.  He was questioned and attacked, and not only kept his ground, but got everyone talking about his plan.  9-9-9 is better known than he is.  Everyone mentioned it during the debate.  However, where the Cain train ran off the tracks was on his view of the federal reserve.  Cain had two secret candidates for the fed chair position – but refused to name either.  That just sounded odd.  The other major problem was his embrace of Alan Greenspan.  I understand loyalty (Cain once worked for the man), but Ron Paul was right – Greenspan was a disaster. 

It pains me to say it, but I think Romney narrowly edges out Cain as the winner tonight.  Any reader of this blog knows that I do not like Mitt Romney.  I will not vote for the man – I just don’t trust him.  But, I cannot deny the man did well tonight.  He weathered every attack against him and never lost his cool, smooth demeanor.  The man looked presidential and spoke with confidence.  No one was able to catch up off his guard or rattle his cage.  Romney knew what he was talking about with depth and candor – although he wasn’t able to name all 59 points of his economic plan (my favorite exchange of the night!).

Rick Perry was clearly the looser.  I hate to say it, but the man is done.  At some point his name will be a footnote in history along with Fred Thompson as candidates who where blips on the screen and quickly dissolved away never to be heard from again…

Gingrich and Santorum were also turned in good debate performances but did little to leap them into the top tier.  While I love Ron Paul, I don’t think it was a huge night for him.  He knocked it out the park every time the conversation even mentioned the Fed, but apart from one or two good lines, his performance was forgettable.  Then there was Bauchman.  Is anyone else tired of hearing her using her foster children for political gain?  It grew tired very quickly – now its just insulting.  Huntsman – was he even there?  Did anyone seem him after he made that joke about not bringing up religion?

Well, here’s what you’ve all been waiting for – my live debate tweets.  Here there are in descending order. 

Some are still upset at the booing of a homosexual soldier in the last debate as hecklers shout. Candidates ignore it again. #econdebate

Somebody should mention that our definition of poverty is way off and out of step with reality. #econdebate

“You ought to be able to afford something in order to buy something.” – @newtgingrich Sad 2 say, this is a needed reminder #econdebate

Does anyone else hear the wishpering bewteen candidates? Sounds freaky. #econdebate

Ok, so ever since @ericjodom mentioned it, @RonPaul ‘s eye brows are freaking me out! #econdebate

I miss @GovGaryJohnson in this debate – he deserves a spot if @JonHuntsman and @RickSantorum do. #econdebate

@THEHermanCain successfully slaps away an attack on 999 from @RickSantorum and makes his arrogant question seem silly. #econdebate

I was just waiting for @MicheleBachmann to work in all the foster kids she has taken in… #econdebate

@TeamRickPerry goes after @MittRomney – no shock! #econdebate

“You gotta be careful about stuff you get off the internet.” – @THEHermanCain to @RonPaul

Not surprisingly, @RonPaul takes on @THEHermanCain concerning the fed. #econdebate

Clearly everyone is going after @MittRomney proving his frontrunner status. This actually good for him to take these attacks. #econdebate

@JonHuntsman jokes with @MittRomney about not asking religous questions. #econdebate

@THEHermanCain nails @MittRomney by asking him if he can name all 59 points to his economic plan. No, he couldn’t. Point Cain #econdebate

@TeamRickPerry says he turned republican at a younger age than Ronald Reagan did. I Knew Ronald Reagan.. UR no Ronald Reagan! #econdebate

@MicheleBachmann attacks @TeamRickPerry as an Obama Democrat.

Ok, so I’ve just missed a huge section of this debate – sometimes life gets in the way of politics… #econdebate

@MittRomney just said my 3 favorite words – cut, cap and balance

@TeamRickPerry is absolutely correct – we need a balanced budget amendment, trading cuts for revenue is never going to happen. #econdebate

@JonHuntsman attacks 999 as a pizza price – @THEHermanCain fires right back – this man deserves to be in the top tier!!! #econdebate

Bernanke and Dodd being arrested? Interesting thought. Fantasy but not reality. But oh what a fantasy! #econdebate

Why are they zooming in on @TeamRickPerry @newtgingrich – oh talking about preventative medicine… Like vaccines… #econdebate

@RickSantorum says PA not TX is the gas capital of USA – @JonHuntsman correctly suggests DC produces more gas than anyone else #econdebate

We all laugh when @RonPaul gets a question about the fed – a softball for the only one who’s been speaking consistently on it. #econdebate

@newtgingrich calls for fed chair and treasury second to be fired. Amen #econdebate

@TeamRickPerry draws first blood claiming @MittRomney had six years to develop his plan. Ouch. #econdebate

Herman Cain gets the first question – this debate is his big chance to capitalize on his new top-tier status #econdebate

Perry looks presidential. #econdebate

Gotta admit, not sure how interested I am in this debate. #econdebate


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