Last Night’s GOP Presidential Debate

Last night’s debate was not exactly the most exciting thing in the world, and no one suffered too much as they left the stage – except Fox News.  I am firmly convinced that Chris Wallace has a man-crush on Mitt Romney. 

Who was the winner?  My answer may surprise you.  No one delievered a knock-out punch.  Romeny and Perry fought the whole evening, but we are kind of getting used to that.  They basically cancel each other out.  Rick Santorum sounded good, but I think his view of putting soliders back into Iraq will hurt him.  Newt was Newt – excellent as always.  The one standout was Governor Jon Huntsman.  I am not a big fan of the former Utah governor, but last night he sounded like the only adult in the room sometimes.  I’m tempted to declare him the winner, but his performance will not boost his overall polling numbers – just like Santorum and Gingrich.

I think the big winner last night was former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson.   For Johnson, just being included in this debate was a huge victory.  His very presence on that stage is sure to help him.  Though he recieved the least amount of airtime, he had one of the most memorable lines of the evening – “My next door neighbor’s two dogs have made more shovel-ready jobs than this administration.”  That’s the line I saw on the news this morning.  The Governor will get alot of milage and a lot of exposure from that quip.  I don’t think he can strech this win into a jump into the top tier, but it will help him get into the next debate.

Once again, here are my live debate tweets as they happened (from bottom to top):

Ok, so last question was useless, but entertaining. Perry, Cain and Huntsman with the best answers. #gopdebate

“My nextdoor neighbor’s 2 dogs have created more shovel ready jobs than this administration.” – @GovGaryJohnson. Awesome quote! #gopdebate

Ok, @TeamRickPerry trying to hit Romney on flip-flopping, but sounds incoherent and tired. P

Romney to Perry “I don’t think he knows what he’s talking about.” #gopdebate

@RonPaul believes victims of rape should be allowed to murder their unborn children. His response was disappointing. Sad… #gopdebate

“Only Pakistan can save Pakistan.” – @JonHuntsman – amen!

@JonHuntsman goes after @RickSantorum and rightly suggests its time to bring our troops home and keep them there. #gopdebate

@TeamRickPerry dodges 3am scenario, but @RickSantorum picks up the ball. He seems to always have firm and confident answers. #gopdebate

@TeamRickPerry suggests those against in-state tuition for illegals don’t have a heart. Honestly, sounds about right. #gopdebate

@MicheleBachmann works in her children again… #gopdebate

@TeamRickPerry again goes after @MittRomney. Does any1 else think those 2 should go 1on1 in a separate debate/cage match? #gopdebate

I like @GovGaryJohnson referring to states as “50 laboratories of experimentation.” That is exactly the mindset Washington needs #gopdebate

I’ve said it before many times, @newtgingrich is the smartest man in this race! #gopdebate

Gotta admit, @JonHuntsman is sounding like the adult in the room right now. #gopdebate

@MittRomney refuses to call Obama a socialist; but @TeamRickPerry is not afraid to speak the truth! #gopdebate

@TeamRickPerry is giving @MittRomney a complete thrashing identifying the real flip-flopper! Go, Rick, Go! #gopdebate

Ok, did I just hear @MittRomney actually accuse someone else of flip-flopping!!!! #gopdebate

@TeamRickPerry “This (social security) would not be the first time @MittRomney is wrong about something.” #gopdebate

Fox analysts are already writing off @RonPaul. Who says liberal in media are the only ones with bias? #gopdebate

@GovGaryJohnson asked why libertarian voters should prefer him over @RonPaul. Great question! #gopdebate

@RonPaul promises to veto all bills that violate the 10th Amendment.

@THEHermanCain takes on @MittRomney – Romney is stuck on a old tax system – “that dog won’t hunt.” #gopdebate

@newtgingrich hits it out of the park – “It is fundamentally wrong to give money to people doing nothing.”. Instead, invest in human capital

Brett, there’s more people on stage than just Romney #gopdebate

I would like to see candidates chosen randomly to answer questions instead of it based on the moderator’s whim and bias. #gopdebate


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