My Thoughts on President Obama’s Jobs Speech Tonight

As usual, I kept a running commentary on my twitter feed.  For all of you non-Twitter folks out there, here were my thoughts (in reverse chronological order).

As Obama spoke tonight, lightening was actually flashing outside. A sign? #obamaspeech #jobsspeech

“Man can be as big as he wants.” #obamaspeech #jobsspeech

In all seriousness, there r some good ideas in the bill, but they r lumped in with some pretty bad ideas. #obamaspeech #jobsspeech

He remembered to say “One Nation Under God” this time!! Good job, Mr. President! I knew you could do it. #obamaspeech #jobsspeech

Mr. President, the Packers and Saints are getting ready to take the field… Are we done yet? #obamaspeech #jobsspeech

A swipe at Gov. Walker in WI? Collective bargining is not a job creator but makes it more difficult 4 buisness #obamaspeech #jobsspeech

If millionaires keep more of their money, teachers are kept from the classroom – class warfare if I’ve ever seen it! #obamaspeech

Who gets to decide who “earns too much and can afford to pay more”? #obamaspeech

Just because someone can afford higher taxes doesn’t mean they deserve higher taxes. #obamaspeech
The President just called for a tax cut for the middle class by taxing the rich more. This is not how jobs are created! #obamaspeech

Republicans look comfy in their chairs as Democrats applaud. #obamaspeech #jobs #tcot

Dear Congress, please read the Presiden’ts jobs bill before passing it…#obamaspeech #jobs #tcot

High speed rail is not the answer, nor is more temporary gov. construction jobs, nor is more gov. spending #obamaspeech #jobs #tcot
Mitch McConnel looks like a zombie. #obamaspeech #jobs #tcot

“Stop the political circus” – like scheduling this speech during the GOP debate or calling the TEA Parties SOB’s? #obamaspeech #jobs #tcot


One thought on “My Thoughts on President Obama’s Jobs Speech Tonight

  1. I thought it was his – in the sense of SUBSTANCE – best speech yet. I liked most of the ideas, BUT…

    LIKING was mostly in the sense of, finally-he’s-catching-up, as in, not being so chill when choosing his speaking style for an audience that’s not all from the SCLC that he makes us want to hibernate, and realizing that FIXING THE INFRASTRUCTURE should, by his and all the other pols’ oath, first, foremost and overridingly REPAIRING dams, bridges, levees, gas mains and all those other crumbly leaky things that all of us use and on which our lives depend – even though the pols and contractors won’t get their names immortalized on stuff for it. Yes, saving lives can be actually more {{ahem!}} vital than his back to the future projects of high-speed ‘net and rails and the Nuclear Savior public schools and controlled media pushed when I was a tad – but was already a crumbling idol when Bam was born.

    Maybe he and Congress could get more far out, like imagining that burying underground the hideous, and hideously vulnerable wire webwork that’s burying US overhead: In really ‘quake- & terrorist-proof tunnels assiduously overseen by real live expert security-checked US citizens, perhaps drilling double-duty for emergency vehicles. Even better than PC TSA’s probing infants! Then (thank you, some of the Tea Party Debate candidates) there’s BORDER FENCING: For ages I’ve wanted a radical project – like FDR’s TVA without the disasters of public domaining and fascist schizoid compromises of safety regs (esp. coal waste dumping) – that would cut reservoir-lakes and canals, filled by wind/solar/tidal/etc.- powered coastal desalinization plants and more local seasonal-excess sources wherever possible, and using the excavated matter to help make barriers elsewhere all along our border with Mexico. Again, plentifully staffed with real good Americans. I also want the same for our many dry lakes om the West: Dig ’em out deep and use the fill to restore Gulf barrier islands and MAKE ISLANDS AROUND OFFSHORE OIL RIGS.

    All that digging would leave no larger holes than the Prez and most pols on both sides ‘forgetting’ to emphasize that THESE JOBS, whether through Federal fiat or voodoo ec or whatever, should be for REAL AMERICANS from top to bottom, designers to ditchdiggers. It’s gag and shudder when they say things like calling the new Lake Mead area bridge a triumph for America: It was contracted to Japanese! Arrgh!!!! Well, there was a bit of it in the speech, okay, but really almost under the breath. I believe gays should be allowed to marry, but I liked it better when there was ‘the love that could not speak its name’ rather than ‘the preference for foreigners that we must pretend cannot be bad’. Sigh.

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