Podcast 28 – Eschatology Panel Discussion, Part 2

Last week we began a two-part panel discussion on the topic of eschatology that took place at Rock County Christian School in my high school systematic theology class.  Local pastors here in Southern Wisconsin represented the three major millennial views – premillennialism, amillennialism and postmillennialism.  Last week we heard the pastors give opening statements and then discuss the importance of a literal interpretation of Scripture in light of this topic.

This week in part two of this discussion, the panelists are asked questions such as is there a Biblical distinction between the church and Israel, who or what is the Antichrist and as we approach the end, will things on this earth continue to get worse or will they get better?

Don’t forget, you can always send us your opinion by commenting in the comment section below, leaving us some thoughts on our facebook page or sending your remarks to me personally at kevin@understandingourtimes.com.


Download the mp3 recording directly here.


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