Why I Respect Evan Wynn

Wisconsin State Assemblyman Evan Wynn has more than earned my respect. I first met him up in Jefferson, WI at a National Day of Prayer event I spoke at. My first impression – good man and loves Christ – too bad those things normally don’t lead to electoral victory. I am glad to say I was wrong on that last part.

However, often times, good folks who get elected soon cease to be good folks after spending time in office. Both Washington and Madison have a way of changing a person. In all my contacts with Representative Wynn, that doesn’t seem to be the case. He seems as dedicated to the same principles that brought him into office. And that brings me to today (Friday).

The big budget bill was passed here in Wisconsin late last night (10:00pm). Not only did this spell the end of much of the debate, but it was the end for what became known as “Walkerville” – a small tent city accross the street from the capitol where the protesters spent the night. I had to see it.

So, I finally got a chance to tour “Walkerville” just before it had all been taken down, but after much of the excitement was over. Anyway, while I was walking around the capitol taking pictures, I couldn’t help but see all the posters and expressions of support in the windows from sympathetic state senators and asseblymen. As I walked around looking at all this, I noticed this window:

I decided to go inside and investigate whose office this was. As you’ve already figured out, it was Evan Wynn’s office. In the midst of all this madness, Representative Wynn still stands by his faith in Christ. It is inspiring and encouraging. But, as I walked into his office, I also found this:

There it is – the Word of God in the State Capitol. If only we had more men like Evan Wynn. Please keep him in your prayers!

This is a cross-post from my Thompson Politics blog. (It will be posted tomorrow)


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