Podcast 18 – Harold Camping and End Times Extremism

 If you were to believe the teachings of Harold Camping and the Family Radio Network today begins God’s judgment on the world.  Thousands of Camping’s followers have been caravanning around the country warning of Christ’s return on May 21, 2011 at 6pm.  Hundreds of billboards give the same warning.  Why do so many people fall for this false prophecy, especially after Camping had already set a wrong date back in 1994?  Why would so many follow a man who told them to leave their church and listen only to his radio station?  Those questions are just some of what we will be discussing on this week’s broadcast.

Our guest this week is Trevor Hammack, the pastor of Victory Baptist Church in Ovalo, Texas.  Pastor Hammack’s sermonaudio.com website not only contains many great sermons preached at the Victory Baptist Church but also contains his News in Focus segments in which current events are discussed in light of the Word of God.  The fact that Pastor Hammack was once a avid listener and supporter of the Family Radio Network allow him to bring a unique and inside perspective into this issue.

We will also discuss how churches can better “cult-proof” their members and how Christians in general can discern when their pastor or teacher starts going off the deep end theologically.  

 Download the mp3 directly here.

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