Podcast 17 – The Impact of Short Term Missions

Many of you have probably at one time been asked to support someone heading out on a short term missions trip (probably by me…).    As Christians, we all support missions, but have you ever asked yourself if these small trips actually accomplish anything worthwhile.  Do they actually help the people they are going to see, or is this just a spiritualized sight-seeing trip?  Wouldn’t it be more efficient to just send money or supplies instead of sending a bunch of well-meaning amateurs? 

To be honest, having been on three short term missions trips now, I’ve often struggled with these very same questions.  However, after much prayer and thought I believe that God certainly works through short term missions.  Many people leave these trips with a greater burden for foreign missions and for local ministry opportunities at home they may have never seen before.  Not only is it worthwhile in that way, but such trips are doubly beneficial.  Not only is there a “missions team” reaching out to fellow believers in a different location, but it is also a ministry opportunity for the ones receiving this team.  Short term missions is mutual ministry which promotes unity in the body of Christ

This week we will be talking with Dave Fackler of Impact Missions.   Recently I had the wonderful opportunity to serve with Dave in Hazel Green, Kentucky on short term missions trip wit Rock County Christian School.  This is just one of the many trips Impact Missions leads each year.   Join this week as we talk to Pastor Dave about his the impact of short term missions.  Just a warning – its hard not to catch his enthusiasm! 


Download the mp3 directly here.

Impact Missions – ww.impactmissions.com

Short Term Missions – www.shorttermmissions.com

Follow Pastor Dave on Twitter – http://twitter.com/dave356


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