Two Thoughts on the Death of Bin Laden from People Smarter Than Me

From Al Molher:

While we should all be glad that this significant threat is now removed, death in itself is never to be celebrated. Such celebration points to the danger of revenge as a powerful human emotion. Revenge has no place among those who honor justice. Retributive justice is sober justice. The reason for this is simple — God is capable of vengeance, which is perfectly true to his own righteousness and perfection — but human beings are not. We tend toward the mismeasure of justice when it comes to settling our own claims. All people of good will should be pleased that bin Laden is no longer a personal threat, and that his death may further weaken terrorist plans and aspirations. But revenge is not a worthy motivation for justice, and celebration in the streets is not a worthy response.

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From the Resurgence Blog:

Osama Bin Laden deserves death and eternal damnation. And so do you.

The recent headline news has huge political and global implications. Clearly, there is room for discussion for how Romans 12 & 13 applies to the situation. There are also emotional responses coming from millions and millions of individual human hearts. That is what we want to address here.

So in light of Matthew 5:21-22, Christians do well to realize we are more murderous and hateful like Osama than we are perfect and holy like God. All of us are guilty of cosmic treason against God and sin against our neighbor. But because of the work of Christ, God has radical mercy on his enemies who repent.

Jesus’ statement in Matthew 5:43-46 is shocking in its radical expectations. We are already guilty of violating the law to love God and love our neighbor. How much more do we fail Jesus’ radical call to love our enemy? This should drive us to repentance. And when we repent, God always gives forgiveness and grace.

Therefore, part of our response should be thankfulness at the mercy given at the cross where Jesus died a murderer’s death in our place.

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