Podcast 16 – A Discussion about Love Wins with Phil Johnson

Finally the Understanding Our Times Podcast tackles the issue everyone else in the blogosphere has been talking about, Love Wins by Rob Bell.  In this recent work, Pastor Bell suggests that hell is not a literal place, but a state of mind brought about by human sin and stubbornness.  Yet, in the end, an all-loving omnipotent God will win over everyone, whether in this life or the life to come.  So, God gets what He wants, man gets what he wants and ultimately love wins in the end. 

However, this heresy is a clear departure from Scripture.  If anything, this book is a clear case of Arminianism run amuck.  A reformed view of the nature of Christ’s atonement answers many of the questions raised by Bell.  Yet in the book, Bell never even attempts to interact with a Biblical understanding of God’s sovereignty in  the election and salvation of his children.

Recently, Phil Johnson (The executive director of Grace to You and blogger at the Pyromaniac Blog), was a long distance guest (via Skype) in my theology class to discuss Rob Bell and Love Wins.  This week on the Understanding Our Time Podcast we will air this classroom discussion along with some additional thoughts from our host, Kevin Thompson.  You won’t want to miss this broadcast!


Downoad the mp3 directly here.

Read Kevin DeYoung’s review of Love Wins here.


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