True Coffee Shop Theologians

Today I finally got a chance to meet with one of my “internet only” friends, Bob Hayton of the Fundamentally Reformed blog (among other sites he is involved with).  Bob was driving back home from the Gospel Coalition and was nice enough to drop by Beloit and have some fellowship with me at Starbucks.   In the past we’ve chatted on facebook, corresponded through e-mail and conversed on this very podcast (here and here).  Yet, up until this afternoon we had never met face to face.  It was about time…

Driving along with Bob was Shaun Tabatt.  You can check out Shaun’s website here (I’m told this is a good blog to check out close to Christmas…).  Bob and Shaun both seemed excited about a new joint business venture they recently started with Christian Focus Publications.  This is a book lover’s ideal site – complete with book reviews, author interviews, podcasts and giveaways.  Check out this blog here for now.

We talked a lot and shared our tips on blogging, book reviews and podcasting.  These guys know what they’re talking about – unlike the third person in the conversation…  Bob and Shaun were both forced to listen to my ramblings about life as a former fundamentalist. 

Of course the highlight of the meeting were the free, left over, books from the Gospel Coalition they were willing to hand over to a guy too unfortunate to attend.  Some good books I will look forward to reading soon.

422991: Reverberation: How God"s Word Brings Light, Freedom,  and Action to His People781208: Taking Hold of God: Reformed and Puritan Perspectives on Prayer 514418: Collected Writings on Scripture

We ended our time together glorying both in the grace of God which has given us so much and in the sovereignty of God that has directed the course of our lives.  God is good. 

By the way, Bob is considered a contributor to this blog and will be posting his first article next week.


4 thoughts on “True Coffee Shop Theologians

  1. Kevin,

    Thanks for chatting with us over coffee. Bob speaks very highly of you and was excited to finally meet you in person. Hopefully our paths will cross again soon.

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