Podcast 13 – Canvassing, Recounting and Explaining the Mess that is Wisconsin Politics

Last week’s program featured a discussion with Judge Randy Koschnick on the dangers of judicial activism and the importance of re-electing Justice David Prosser to the Wisconsin Supreme Court.  I assumed by Tuesday evening, not too many people would be talking about the race anymore.  Little did I know that as of Friday evening, whoever wasn’t watching the expose of fundamentalism on 20/20 or keeping up on the federal budget showdown would still be evaluating election returns in this race.  Despite the fact that Asst. Attorney General Kloppenburg had declared victory with only a 204 vote difference, a surprise turn of events now has Justice Prosser ahead by over 6,000 votes.  What made the difference?  How did an entire city’s votes not get counted?  Why do these numbers keep changing and when will we finally know who the winner is?

These are questions I have posed to one of our favorite guest, Randy Melchert.  In addition to being a regular guest host of this program in the past, Randy is also a law student at UW,  a former State Assembly candidate, and popular speaker.  If there’s a political controversy (or any political activity at all) taking place in Wisconsin, you can bet Randy Melchert will be there documenting, evaluating and quite possible instigating… 

Listen in this week to a very informative evaluation of what is really going on in this race.  Randy will also take you behind the scenes at the Prosser campaign headquarters on Tuesday night and take you through the canvassing process county by county.  

If you are at all confused or even just curious as to what has happened or what will happen next, you will not want to miss this program!


Download the mp3 directly here.

Click here to read Randy Melchert’s blog – www.randymelchert.com


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