Podcast 12 – The Role of the Court and the Dangers of Judicial Activism with Judge Randy Koschnick

For political junkies, this is our favorite time of year.  While most people have their eyes on their final four brackets and he beginning of the baseball season, we have our eyes glued on this Tuesday’s election.  On April 5, voters across the country will be heading to the polls in local and state-wide elections.  Right here in Wisconsin we have a pretty heated race for the state supreme court.  This is an extremely important election as it will decide if the balance of the court will be dominated by judicial activists seeking to impose their agenda or those who hold to judicial restraint who seek only to interpret and apply the law as stated and originally intended. 

This week on the broadcast we will be talking about the role of the court, the dangers of judicial activism and why Wisconsin voters should head off to the polls on Tuesday to re-elect Justice David Prosser.  Our guest will be the highly respectable and honorable Jefferson County Circuit Judge Randy Koschnick.  Judge Koschnick has a proven track record of judicial restraint and conservatism.  He is also a committed Christian outspoken in regard to his faith.  A few years back Judge Koschnick himself ran for the Supreme Court.  You will not want to miss this program!


Download the mp3 directly here.

Judge Koschnick’s Endorsement:

Please vote for Justice David Prosser, the true judicial conservative.
Dear Friends-
Next Tuesday’s Wisconsin Supreme Court election is very important. The outcome will likely determine whether our state continues to operate under the rule of law or deteriorates into a chaotic, lawless mess where judges ignore the constitutional separation of powers and act as “super-legislatures.” The current 4-3, conservative vs. liberal/activist split hangs in the balance. Justice Prosser’s opponent is a very liberal activist who will treat the constituition as a “living, breathing document” contrary to the intent of the Founders. Our state needs Justice Prosser to be re-elected. A low 20% voter turnout is expected. Every vote counts.
Please vote for Justice David Prosser, the true judicial conservative.
Please also contact your firends and relatives and encourage them to vote for Justice Prosser. Feel free to forward this email. If each of you contacts ten people in the next few days, we could have a significant impact on the outcome.
I also encourage you to do your own research:
Visit Justice Prosser’s website:
Watch recent Supreme Court debates:
– March 28: State Bar of Wisconsin, State Bar Center, Madison
– March 25: We the People/Wisconsin, Wisconsin Public Television Studios, Madison
– March 23: Madison Rotary Club, Best Western Inn on the Park Hotel, Madison
– March 22: Dane County Bar Association, Concourse Hotel, Madison
– March 21: “On the Issues with Mike Gousha,” Marquette Law School, Milwaukee
Other important judicial elections next Tuesday:
Waukesha County: Lloyd Carter is a true judicial conservative and needs your help to be elected as a Waukesha County Circuit Court Judge. 

Milwaukee County: Christopher Lipscomb may not be a conservative but he is far superior to his opponent, a recent liberal political appointee and judicial activist.

Jefferson County: I, Judge Randy Koschnick, am unopposed on the ballot but I would appreciate your vote. I am a judicial conservative and a pure Constitutionalist who believes that the law should be applied as it is written regardless  of personal opinion or ideology.
Randy Koschnick
p.s. early voting is available if you will be unable to vote next Tuesday. Contact your local election officials for details. It usually involves simply stopping in at your City or Town Hall and filling out an absentee ballot. It took me about five minutes.

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