Podcast 11 – An Old Interview with Evangelist Tom Farrell

This week we jump into our way-back machines and travel all the way back to 1995! Listen in as I reminisce about the first interview I ever conducted when I was a high school student. Evangelist Tom Farrell gave me some time to sit down and answer some of deep, probing questions. Listen in as we discuss such challenging theological topics as, should Christians attend movie theaters and is it a sign of rebellion to wear your hat backwards? Yes, these once were the most perplexing issues I wrestled with.

However, some more important issues were brought up, such as Christians being involved in politics and public service and what considerations Christian teenagers should think about when choosing a college. Tom also gives us some insight into his philosophies concerning preaching and just what preparations go into his messages. I find this interesting in light of the fact Dr. Farrell has just written a book entitled, “God Pleasing Preaching.” I am hoping he will be willing to come on the program some time in the future and discuss his thoughts on contemporary preaching as contrasted against a more Biblical pattern.

I also add some thoughts concerning my own theological journey since those days… The actual interview gets going about 7 minutes into the program if you want to just jump right into that. So, get listening already!


Download the mp3 directly here.


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