Podcast 07 – The Cult Following of Celebrity Jesus

Who is Jesus?  To the Christian, He is the Savior, God incarnate who gave His life to save sinful men.  But to others, He is merely a figment of their imagination.  He is the highest ideal of which their minds are capable of conceiving.  They know very little of the true Christ of Scripture and have replaced Him with a sort of celebrity-like figure.  In other words, they like Him, know some basic facts about Him and even follow Him to some extent.  However, they follow Him like they would follow any other celebrity.  Their knowledge of him is limited to a superficial admiration from afar.  There is no relationship.  While they are quick to recognize His influence, they will not recognize any kind of authority.  Join us this week to hear our host, Kevin Thompson, talk about the cult following of celebrity Jesus as he preaches this message to the students of Rock County Christian School in Beloit, WI. 


Click here to download the mp3 directly.


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