Podcast 06 – Budget Showdown in Madison

All of a sudden the eyes of the nation are on Madison, Wisconsin as thousands of union workers have taken to the streets to protest the newly elected Governor Scott Walker.   Governor Walker has kept his promise to bring fiscal responsibility back to the state budget by cutting spending and forcing government employees to contribute partially to their own pensions and health insurance.  This “radical thinking” has outraged those who have grown dependent upon a government-sponsored lifestyle.     

This week we will be joined by Marv Munyon, the head of Wisconsin Capitol WatchWisconsin Capitol Watch is an organization dedicated to defending the family and traditional values.  Marv himself has been a long-time champion of Christian education here in Wisconsin serving as the Legislative Representative for the Wisconsin Association of Christian Schools (WACS).  He has also developed many informative contacts and fruitful relationships with local lawmakers.   

Mr. Munyon has spent most of the week in Madison observing all excitement.  Join us this week as he gives us the insider’s peek into what is really going happening as he shares his observation and analysis.


Download the mp3 directly here.


2 thoughts on “Podcast 06 – Budget Showdown in Madison

  1. Good Lord!! Politicians hiding in another state, teachers with forged ‘sick slips’ & it’s spreading to other states.

    “The duty of a patriot is to protect his country from it’s government”. Thomas Paine

    Greece/Tunis/Egypt/Bahrain & now in America. I just read a new thriller that’s about revolution coming to America. It’s a must read cause it’s so true as we watch more states in turmoil. I recommend it.

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