This Week's Podcast – Christ, Culture, and Politics

I have to admit, I am addicted.  I often find myself in the mist of a flurry of mp3 downloading.  The beauty of the internet is that whole new worlds are opened up.  Through the wonderful world of podcasting, I get to hear some of the best sermons and interviews from people much smarter than me discussing subjects I crave to hear more of. 

One podcast that certainly falls within these parameters is the ReformedCast hosted by Scott Oakland.  It is well worth your time to check out.  According to the podcast’s website, “This weekly podcast is dedicated to the discussion of all things Reformed, including all aspects of Reformed theology and practice, as well as its relationship to the culture at large.”

Tune in and hear Dr. Leland Ryken, Joseph A. Pipa Jr., Dr. Joel Beeke, and Dr. R. Scott Clark.  In the future, you will be hearing from Michael Horton and James White.  In addition to that, you can hear more from guests that have previously appeared on our own Understanding Our Times Podcast – Trevor Hammack and Bob Hayton.

Host Scott Oakland has been a great blessing to me and a great help to this very podcast.  He and I have very similar theological journeys and the same desire to promote the Reformed (i.e. biblical) faith (though we would have some differing views here and there)  As someone who is quite more knowledgeable than I, I have frequently asked his advice in regards to the in’s and out’s of podcasting.  You may recall Scott was a guest on this broadcast for our Reformation Day special.

So this week we will not be uploading our usual weekly podcast.  Instead, it will be my honor to appear on the ReformedCast  this Monday talking about the issue of Christ, culture and politics.  Should Christians be engaged in political activity?  I think you all know my answer, but this interview should prove to be quite engaging and thought-provoking as we discuss questions such as:

Some Reformed embrace a two-kingdom view of Christ and culture – that God operates. and is king of, both the kingdom of man and kingdom of Christ – that we are dual citizens, and that our job is not to transform the culture around us, because Adam’s task has been completed. How do you rebut this?

The issue of abortion has galvanized Christians of all stripes. What is your take on Catholics and Protestants working together for this cause?

You can listen to this interview live Monday at 7pm (EST) here – or download the program on here –


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