My Thoughts on Obama, Bauchmann and Paul Ryan

As per my annual nerdish tradition, I spent last night tweeting my way through the State of the Union Address and both responses.   So, I thought I would share those random, stream-of-consciousness tweets here.  Remember, start from the bottom and then work your way up if you would like to view these chronological order.

Final summary: Obama – nothing memorable nothing surprising; Paul Ryan – excellent job; Bauchmann – entire speech not needed and poorly delivered.

I am a huge tea party supporter – but Michele Bauchmann’s response was completely unneccesary! It was poorly delivered and could not match Paul Ryan’s message which featured more actual tea party themes – limited government and return, control spending and return to the Constitution.

Congresswoman Bauchman, you need to learn to look at the right camera. There should be a little red light on the one you should be looking into. This just looks wierd.

I’m all for a balanced budget amendment and repeal of Obama Care.

is hoping Bauchmann does not urge us to be armed and dangerous in response to the State of the Union.

Michele Bachmann = Ross Perot?

She likes her charts…

is waiting to hear from Michele Bachmann

Tonight simply summed up – Paul Ryan gets it.

Paul Ryan in his short response referred to the Constitution and the Founding Fathers several times. How many times did the President refer to eitht the Constition or the Founding Fathers in his hour long address? Exactly…

Limited government – that’s why Paul Ryan is da man.

?”The BLESSING of self government.”

I still think Paul Ryan is one of the smartest men in Washington.

Just a reminder, Congressman Ryan, you did vote for the first bailout… So you are right, no one party is exclusively responsible for uncontrolled spending.

?”Grace will replace grief” – Paul Ryan on Congresswoman Giffords

Rebuild people’s faith in the institution of government – I want people distrusting government and keeping them accountable!!

Asking milionaires who keep us employed to give up their hard earned money is patriotic – I don’t think so.

A freeze in spending sounds good – but an actual cut in spending is what is needed.

These standing ovations seem larger when everyone is sitting together. Lets go back to sitting with the party.

So high speed rail is the only the only way to get rid of the unconstitutional pat downs?

High speed rail? No, thanks.

I’m still not confortable with the federal government running the student loan industry.

?”Make a difference – become a teacher.”

?”It’s not just the winner of the Super Bowl who deserves to be celebrated, but the winner of the science fair.” – Because the Bears lost?

Boehner (yes, I figured out how to spell his name) looks bored.

Mr. President, you did not give anyone a tax cut, you merely kept Bush’s cuts and didn’t raise taxes as u said u wanted to in the campaign.

Government is now a shared responsability – a change from the man who once told Republicans, “You lost, I won.”

A robust democracy demands debate – amen! (except we live in a republic…

Biden looks tall tonight sitting next to the Speaker of the House whose name I cannot spell.

I wonder if Obama will give me a shout out?


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