Podcast 03 – Mark Block of the Herman Cain Presidential Campaign

The race to replace Barack Obama has begun!  Already we hear names bantered about all over the internet such as Sarah Palin, MItt Romney, Mitch Daniels and even Newt Gingrich.  However, there’s another candidate whose name just seems to keep popping up every so often – Herman Cain of Georgia.  Who is Herman Cain and what does he stand for?  We’ll ask these questions to his very own chief- of-staff, Mark Block.  Previous to this, Mark spearheaded the Wisconsin chapter of Americans for Prosperity which saw incredible conservative success at the polls this past November.  What would make him leave while on such a hot streak to join a little-known presidential campaign?  Tune in and find out!

Learn more about Herman Cain here – www.hermancain.com


Download the mp3 recording here.

Also check out these books written by Mr. Cain:



8 thoughts on “Podcast 03 – Mark Block of the Herman Cain Presidential Campaign

  1. Thank you for Mark’s interview. I am blessed to be helping Herman Cain in Iowa. Herman is not part of the GOP Establishment which is what attracted me to him. I am confident Herman has the common sense solutions , business experience, leadership, integrity and character that America needs to turn our country around. http://www.hermancain.com or http://www.draftcain.org/ Get involved in the grassroots movement. Thank you!

  2. I THANK GOD FOR HERMAN CAIN! He is absolutely FLAWLESS in everything he says and does. What a privilege to have been able to listen to his radio program over the last year since I found him. EVERYONE, please, LEARN about this man and give him your utmost consideration.

  3. I hope Herman makes it to his final goal. It’s not just him, as a candidate, but that we need more ‘common people’ and no more lifetime politicians for decades. Good luck.

  4. Dianne,

    Let’s be honest – the man is far from flawless. Scripture tells us no one is righteous – no, not one. I’m sure Mr. Cain would admit he has flaws. Its ok to be excited about a candidate, but lets be real about it.

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