Podcast 02 – God’s Design for the Family with Pastor James McDonald

Many Christians fear that our modern times have ushered in a brutal assault on the traditional family.  Some struggle even defining what a family actually is.  While conservative politicians talk about family values and liberal politicians talk about the values of love and tolerance, our goal is to ascertain what God says about the subject.  What does the Bible have to say about the institution of the family?  This is the question I pose to Pastor James McDonald on this edition of the Understanding Our Times podcast.  Pastor McDonald is the Teaching Elder at Providence Church in Peoria, IL, a member congregation of the Covenant Presbyterian Church (CPC) denomination.


Download the mp3 recording here.

Pastor McDonald and Providence Church will also be hosting a Midwest Worldview Conference in April.  As an attendee of last year’s conference, I highly recommend you consider attending next year.  This year’s speakers include Gary DeMar and Joel McDurmon of American Vision. Gary DeMar had appeared on our broadcast in the past as we talked about dispensationalism and Joel McDurmon will be on the program in the future (when a time can be worked out) speaking on the issue of socialism.  For more details about the conference, click here.


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