My Letter to the Editor: Media Wants to Blame Patriots

Recently I wrote a letter to the editor of the Beloit Daily News conerning the tragic shooting in Arizona.  You can read it here below:

I find the news coverage of the shooting of Congresswoman Giffords to be disgraceful.  This was the work of an unstable man who embraced the works of Hitler.  Yet, if you were to believe the media, Jared Loughner was acting out due to heated political debate brought about by the Tea Party movement. 

First, heated political debate did not contribute to this man’s actions.  This man believes the government to be controlling us through the use of grammar.  This is not the mark of a man in throws of high-minded political discussion.  There is no major party that advocates this view.  There is no third party that I am aware of that advocates this view.  Cooling the debate over Obamacare would not have changed what happened last Saturday. 

Intense, heated debate is exactly what this country needs.  No political party should be able to steamroll through their agenda.  Debate and opposition, though at times heated, is needed in order to bring about deliberate, thoughtful legislation.   We act as though this is something new.  For as long as our republic has existed, there has been heated political rhetoric. 

Second, as someone who has spoken at and attended many Tea Party gatherings, not once have I ever heard anything resembling a call for violence.  Many of us are Christians who seek to promote life.  The revolution we speak of ideological.  It is irresponsible to suggest that it is anything more.  Besides, no one has even produced one shred of evidence that this man had any connection to a tea party anywhere.

This ought to be a time where we come together to pray for the families of these innocent victims.  Instead, some in the media seek to slander patriots and divide us as they push their own clearly political agenda.


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