Top Ten Understanding Our Times Programs of 2010

Originally, I had decided that our first podcast of 2011 would be our traditional “best of” program. However, looking at the stats from previous years, I’ve discovered that not  everyone enjoys my love for end-of-the-year review shows.  So I decided that it just wasn’t worth the hassle to put all that together.  Instead, I will list the programs here and allow you to go back and listen the programs yourself, if you choose.

Our broadcast year will begin next week with our exclusive interview with Dr. Bruce Ware of Southern Theological Seminary. 

So, without any further ado, here are the top ten downloaded Understanding Our Times internet radio programs of 2010.

10.  Adopted for Life with Dr. Russell Moore
Often times we associate adoption with starving children in Africa or cute television sitcoms. However, have you ever associated adoption with the gospel? Join us this week as our guest is Dr. Russell D. Moore of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and author of the book Adopted for Life. If you have ever considered adoption, know someone who has adopted, or are just curious as to how your church can better promote adoption, then you will not want to miss this program.

9.  Should there be A Mosque on Ground Zero? with Michael Carl
Lately there has been much controversy over a planned Mosque to be built near Ground Zero in New York. Many feel this is a slap in the face for all the families who lost loved ones because of the Islamic terrorist attack. Others go further and see the entire Islamic religion as a threat to American values. Still others feel as though this Mosque would promote a more moderate form of Islam and will serve to clear up many misunderstandings about the “Religion of Peace.” Who is right? This will be out topic of conversation with Michael Carl – pastor, WorldNetDaily writer, and publisher of the Centre Point News website.

8.  Bible Promises with Pastor Dan Gibson
There is a song that children sometimes sing that is named, “Every Promise in the Book is Mine.” But, is that really the case? Can you claim every promise in Scripture as yours? Today, filling in for Kevin, is Pastor Dan Gibson of the Covenant Reformed Presbyterian Church in Milton, WI. Pastor Gibson is no strager to this program having hosted twice before. His topic will be promises in the Bible.

7.  Why I am Returning to the Republican Party
In November of 2006, I left the GOP fed up with a party that had abandoned its principles. I then joined the Constitution Party and found a new home. Yet, now after fours years, I am ready to return to the Republicans. This decision was difficult but came as the result of much prayer and thought. Tune in this week as I share my personal reasons for this move.

6.  Guest Host Randy Melchert
As our regular host will be off speaking at a high school graduation, former Wisconsin Assembly candidate Randy Melchert will be filling in. Randy Melchert is a political analyst, grassroots coordinator, and new media specialist for conservative organizations. Frequently appearing on Wisconsin radio and television, Randy speaks to TEA Parties, political organizations, concerned citizens, schools, senior citizens, and everyone in between.

5.  Biblical Economics with R.C. Sproul, Jr.
How are Christians to use their money in light of God’s Word? Are there any Biblical principles to apply when it comes to the subject of economics? Join us this week as we air an exclusive interview with R.C. Sproul. Jr. of the Highlands Study Center, the author of Biblical Economics: A Commonsense Guide to Our Daily Bread.

4.  Illegal Immigration: What’s going on in Arizona with Gary Meinert
All eyes are on the state of Arizona as they have passed the toughest illegal immigration law in the nation. Many people see this as a draconian measure that will only lead to racial profiling and the loss of civil liberties. Yet, the people of Arizona see this as a necessary measure that is meant to save lives. Join us this week as we speak with Gary Meinert, an expert in this field who daily documents first-hand accounts of what exactly is cross our Arizona/Mexican border ( He briefs TEA parties, civics groups, US Congressmen and now you! This will be an eye-opening interview that you will not want to miss!

3.  Evangelicalism, Fundamentalism and the Emerging Middle with Phil Johnson
Recent years have the growth of a conservative group within Christianity that has been growing discontent as they witness the extremes of both Evangelical and Fundamentalist circles. They have a commitment to the gospel and no movement to call their own. Join us this week as we talk about this “Emerging Middle” with Phil Johnson, executive director of the “Grace to You” with John MacArthur. Phil also writes for the Pyromaniac blog.

2.  King James Onlyism with Guest Host Bob Hayton
Is the King James verison the only version inspired by God to be used by God’s people. While most Christians would consider this an extreme view, there are certian groups within modern fundamentalism which would claim the 1611 KJV is the only Bible God ever wrote. This week our guest host will be Bob Hayton of the Fundamentaly Reformed, KJV Only Debate and Re:Fundamentals blogs. Bob will be exploring the issue of King James Onlyism.

1.  Fundamentalism and Reformed Theology with Bob Hayton
Why is it that so many are leaving fundamentalist churches and embracing reformed theology? As the young, restless and reformed movement grows, hard-line fundamental Baptist churches seem to be in decline. Is this the end of fundamentalism? What is it about reformed theology that is attracted so many? We will ask these questions and more to Bob Hayton. Bob operates and contributes to several popular blogs included the Fundamentally Reformed and re:Fundamentals. This is a live program and your phone calls are encouraged.


One thought on “Top Ten Understanding Our Times Programs of 2010

  1. Wow, How’d my episodes make the top 2? Can’t believe I made it that high. Thanks for having me on, I really enjoyed the show.

    Have to fill my mp3 player with some of your shows here, too.

    Blessings in Christ,

    Bob Hayton

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