Interesting Discussion on Obama Birth Certificate Issue on Hardball

Though I disagree with much of what he says, I have always found Chris Matthews of MSNBC interesting and even educational.  “Hardball” is my favorite political talkshow, by far.  (And you all thought I watched Foxs News all day, didn’t you?) 

On yesterday’s program, Matthews addressed the Obama birth certificate issue once again as the President vacations in Hawaii.  No one can acuse Matthews of being a birther as even he himself calls the birther crazy and delcares to be their enemy.  However, as you will see in this youtube clip, even liberal Chris Matthews is calling on Hawaii Governor Neil Abercrombie to find and release the President’s “original, long-form, hospital-generated birth certificate.” 

This only makes sense.  This is not an issue about race or personal hatred toward the President and his policies.  To me, this is simply an issue of the Constitution.  Some of you may remember there was controversy over John McCain as well since he was born technically on US soil yet outside of the USA.  The Constitution requires that a candidate for President be a natural born citizen.  Why is it unreasonable for a man to have prove this Constitutional requirement?  We are to take the Constitution seriously this issue must be taken seriously.  All the President has to do to end this issue forever is simply release the birth certificate. 

For more information, click on these links:

Chris Matthews Asks Obama to Release Birth Certificate

Hawaii governor wants to prove Obama was born there

Of course, definently be sure to listen to my interview with Word Net Daily’s Joe Kovacs as I interviewed him on this very topic.

Where is the Birth Certificate?


2 thoughts on “Interesting Discussion on Obama Birth Certificate Issue on Hardball

  1. Kevin – I hosted a BlogTalkradio series of 4 shows about 2 yrs ago (using the pseudonym “politicalpastor”) when the issue just started. I believe he should turn over the long form of the BC. This would solve the mystery. One time, I heard an excuse not to produce it that goes something like this: “if the President of the United States were to cave into every crackpot’s demand for information, where would it end?”. This kind of thinking ignores that 1 – the government works for us; 2- this is not a monarchy – what the King says doesn’t go. Sadly I don’t believe it will ever surface. But thanks for the great post and keeping the issue alive for those of us who believe in accountability of those who govern.

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