The Absurdity of the King James Only Crowd

It is hard for me to believe now, but at one time in my life I was a very strict King James Only advocate.  Not only did I simply use the King James, I believed all other translations to be corrupted…  And then I grew up.   No, seriously, the older I got the less KJV Only I became.   My “academic enlightenment” came about somewhere around my junior year of high school.  Until that time, I barely passed my classes with C’s an D’s much of which was the result of a complete lack of effort.  Yet, after I was encouraged by some influential people in my life, I began to study more and place alot more effort into my studies.  It was at that point I actually began to think through what I was being taught.  Little by little some of the KJV arguments just didn’t make sense to me, but it would take years to accumulate the knowledge and courage to actually challenge and finally leave my well-entrenched position on the text. 

I said all of that to say this, I am amazed to see the vast absence of real thought and intelectual honesty of the position I once held and even in the arguments of books, institutions and men I once respected.  This was all brought back to mind today as I read through these three articles.  I leave them here for you consideration. I would be interested to hear your views on these articles.  However, I only ask that you read all three articles first and then shar your thoughts.  Thank you.

(By the way, when I mention the institutions and men I once respected – I still repsect all of them to some degree.  I don’t believe I need to through the baby out with the bathwater.  I deeply appreciate the love, sacrafice and wisdom they showed me.  My disagreement with them now is not a prodcut of bitterness or hard feelings.)

The Original  –  Now, About Those Differences, Part Twenty Three by Dr. Kevin Bauder

The Overreaction – “Pious Drudges”  by Evangelist Dwight Smith

The Observation – Say What Again!?! The KJV, Bauder, and Smith by Pastor Bob Bixby

(Notice the three point alliteration, I haven’t completely left my fundamentalist roots!)


2 thoughts on “The Absurdity of the King James Only Crowd

  1. Wow. I appreciate the illiteration! (like my pun?)

    I’ll tell you this much, after reading these articles, as a Majority Text advocate, I am tired of being ignored on the one hand, and misrepresented on the other. To the Critical Text folks, I’m an ignoramus. To the hard core KJV-corrects-the-Greek crowd, I am not KJV-enough.

    Be that as it may, I am not willing to abandon the doctrine of preservation to the nebulous, meaningless claim concerning the plethora of manuscripts that “God’s Word is in there somewhere.” No, I am not a reinspirationist, but I do believe that God has providentially preserved his Word in the vast majority of the manuscripts that agree with each other. Why is that so hard? Why are people like me considered ignorant? I do know that many critical text aficionados enjoy being so because they have the endless enjoyment out of tweaking the text with every new edition that comes out.

    It is extremely difficult to argue for a stable Word from an unstable text source. I am no fool for believing that.

    Just my 2 cents.


  2. I used to be one too, now am not. I believe the KJV kind of thinking is what R Scott Clark calls “QIRC” (Quest for Illegitimate Religious Certainty) – one translation only and it’s gotta be in English. Huh? So easy to poke holes in this theory it isn’t even funny. But it’s sad that so many well-meaning Christians believe this is a plausible position. Sola Scriptura needs to be proclaimed – not “me and my Bible”. Thanks Kevin for your work on this.

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