Hating Hate Speech

My pastor just wrote an excellent post on his blog concerning hate speech.  While as a constitutional conservative I abhor the idea of our federal government outlawing free speech, we must remember that Scripture clearly condemns racist, bigoted, unwholesome or vulgar speech.  Again, let me state that I oppose any attempt by our government to outlaw hate speech.  I see this as a clear attempt to silence Biblical opposition to homosexuality in particular.  However, Christians must stand above the fray and not revert to ungodly communication.  We represent the Lord Jesus Christ.  In our opposition to homosexuality and immorality, we ought also to oppose hatred, racism and ignorance. 

Pastor Bixby states all of this in a much more intelligent, Biblical and meaningful way here – http://bobbixby.wordpress.com/2010/12/03/love-your-neighbor-and-hate-hate-speech/.


One thought on “Hating Hate Speech

  1. I agree, but in discussion at various blogsites, the issue can (does) very quickly become one of how hate speech is defined, or rather perceived. Too often I see an endeavor at honest debate bring immediate accusations of racism, bigotry, hate and worse in response to such statements as “I oppose Obama’s re-election due to his fiscal irresponsibility and socialist agenda,” or “why no outpouring of indignance over 911 attacks by the majority of peace-loving Muslims we are assured exist?”

    Then often follows a long string of baseless accusations, and profane abuse from those on both, or all, sides of the issue. People who identify themselves as Christian, or Muslim, or other religion, or humanists, or atheists, or conservative, or liberal are all equally guilty. I guess the lesson is keep your mouth shut and don’t express your views, or find a place where you can preach to the choir; I’m beginning to think the former may be the better choice, for it’s just a waste of time because no one really listens to an opposing view anyway.

    What do you think?

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