Articles by Michael Carl Concerning Islam

As promised on today’s radio broadcast, here are a list of articles on worldnetdaily written by our guest, Pastor Michael Carl, concerning Islam.

Indonesian Muslims arm for Religious War (This could also be in the human rights category) –

Seminary introduces program of religious collaboration –

Governor Deval Patrick embraces imam who preaches taking up arms –

Christian Question: Interfaith dialogue or useful idiots –

US Accused of Aiding Terror –

Islam’s Biggest Threat –

Islam’s infiltration of the church –

Louay Safi, a CAIR plant, finally gets suspended from training the Army on Islam –

Hartford Seminary’s Imam Program –

Shopping Malls Seen as Terror Targets –

Boston Terrorism Suspect boasted Jihad promotion –


One thought on “Articles by Michael Carl Concerning Islam

  1. Are you the Michael Carl that wrote “Islam makes inroads through U.S. courts?” If so, my congratulations. FYI: When I returned from Saudi Arabia in 1992 to the states after eight years, I and my husband tried to warn everyone what our country was facing. We were active in opposing the building of the Islamic Saudi Academy in 1998 in Loudoun County. We were called all kinds of names, bigots, racists, un-American, un-Christian in many of the manor newspapers. Today, they don’t say that. Today they say, “You know what you were talking about.”

    Let me make this observation to you. As an American of Greek descent, to see the holiest church of St. Sophia with the four minarets surrounding her, is very disturbing. What people do not understand is that this is Islam’s triumph over Eastern Orthodoxy. When the 9/11 mosque is built, it will be Islam’s JEWEL IN THE CROWN, – AMERICA!

    Best regards,


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