PCC, BJU and Hyles Anderson Mentioned at the Huffington Post

You are probably as shocked as I am, but Bob Jones University, Hyles Anderson and my own Pensacola Christian College were labled as some of the nation’s “Strictest” colleges by the Huffington Post. 

Pensacola students are not allowed to wear frayed jeans or beltless pants. Pornography, electric guitars and off-campus food are other examples of campus contraband. Gambling and “indirect horseplay” are forbidden; interestingly, so is extra studying for exams.

If a Bob Jones freshman needs to work late at night, he needs a “prayer captain” to go with him. Students are required to attend weeknight prayer meetings.

The Baptist Indiana college sticks to the scriptures — “The Old and New Testament are definitely inspired word for word,” its website states. As such, alcohol, card games and “Hollywood movies” are prohibited.

The good news is, this is probably the one of the very times any of these colleges will be mentioned in the same breath as West Point, Boston University and Wake Forest.

But, allow me to clear up one mistake, PCC does allow students to have off-campus food.  I ate out quite a bit during my days.  The only off-campus food restriction was in the Palms Grille – an on-campus resturant.  Among PCC”s many unreasonable rules, I didn’t thnk that was one of them.

See for yourself here – The STRICTEST Colleges (PHOTOS)


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