Free Four-Volume Systematic Theology Download

This is from James White’s blog.  The post is from Jeff Downs.

Doctrine is practical. In scripture we have a pattern of the indicative and then the imperative (see this book for a defense of this pattern). Paul begins his letters stating his doctrinal concerns, then the “therefore…” this is how you should live!

Those who read through systematic theologies know that for the most part, doctrines are stated, but not applied. This is not the case with at least one systematic theology I’m familiar with and use regularly.

While no true lover of books will be satisfied with online material, (come on, you can’t pick it up, you can’t smell the combination of ink and paper); online books are certainly helpful in various ways (size, searchability, etc.).

If I were to recommend one systamatic theology (and that perhaps would not be easy), I would recommend Wilhelmus à Brakel’s 4 Volumes A Christian’s Reasonable Service (here is an alternative place to purchase).

You can currently dowloand (in PDF format) all four volumes by clicking here.

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