Random Thoughts on Bobby Jindal’s Repsonse

This speech sounds a little too rehearsed.  But I guess that is to be expected.

Something is wrong with the Fox News signal – choppy audio

Nervousness seems to have subsided, communication skills showing through.

Ok, this guy could be the next Ronald Reagan.

“The spirit of our country does not come from government.”  Yes!!! 

“Empowering, you, the American people…”  This is what our country is all about.

It’s about time someone told the people exactly what’s in this 1,100 page stimulus package.  Way to go, Bobby!

Cutting the budget, cutting taxes – let’s elect this guy as President in 2012.

“Never again should we pass a spending bill the congress hasn’t read and the people have not seen.” – Again, I am glad someone is saying this.

“They believe in strengthening the government, we believe in strengthening you. “ – Yes, President Jindal is sounding pretty good right now.

Way to call Republican down on the carpet! 

This is my first exposure to Governor Jindal, but already I could see myself voting for this man.


Random Thoughts on President Obama’s Speech

(Quotations mentioned below are not exact, but to the best of my recollection.)

Why can’t we just call this the State of the Union Address?  I understand the President has not been office very long, but it is a Constitutional requirement… 

The President is late – is that really the first impression he wants to leave us with?  Even more importantly, the dominant issue tonight is about the economy  – the very issue we are told we have to act right now on because any DELAY could be costly!

I wonder how long these Congressman have been camping out on the House floor just to get a seat on the center aisle so they can be on TV.

Charles Krauthammer (columnist and Fox News analyst) is absolutely correct – one of the most remarkable aspects of tonight is the fact that an African-American is speaking as the President is now so common place that it is no longer remarkable. 

Another formal occasion messed up by someone jumping the gun! – President Obama began his speech before Speaker Pelosi could formally introduce him.

“Regulations were gutted …”  – Government regulations are the reason why our economy has clasped!  Get the government out of this mess!

“I don’t believe in bigger government” – WHAT!!!  Please explain how your stimulus package does not increase the size of government?  Explain how nationalizing the banking system does not increase the size of government!

“Nobody messes with Joe.”  Someone tell that to Sarah Palin.

“The flow of credit is the lifeblood of our economy .” – I think this may be part of the problem.  Isn’t it credit that leads to more debt?  I’m probably alone on this one, though.  But more importantly, why is it the job of the federal government to make sure I can get a loan?

How is the government going ensure more people can get loans or better mortgage rates without the government taking more control?

“The full force of the federal government…” – That’s a scary phrase…

“Significant government resources will be need, even more than what has already been allotted.” – Aren’t we already trillions of dollars in debt?  What government resources are you talking about – there are none!

Why is it your job to solve the problem, Mr. President?  What Constitutional authority do you really have to do this?

Nancy Pelosi has never looked happier.

We will have to sacrifice some spending – Thank you, Mr. President.  Someone had to say it.

“I reject the idea that problems will just take care of themselves.”  I agree.  However, I don’t know anyone who is saying that problems will take care of themselves.  Who is suggesting this?

“Three areas absolutely critical… energy, health care, and education.”  Again, Mr. President, where in the Constitution is the federal government allowed to spend one dime on health care or education?

I don’t like the fact that Fox News is not showing who is standing and who is sitting during these standing ovations.  I want to know which Republicans have the courage to “sit for their convictions.”

“The nation that invented the automobile cannot walk away from it.”

Why am I not seeing anyone sitting during these ovations!!!!

Wait, finally, I see some folks not afraid to sit.  Thank you, Fox News camera man.

“Democrats and Republicans will be called to work together on health care.”  Just once I would love to hear someone mention a third party.  It would shock everyone.  Maybe someday…

“…Expand the promise of education in America.”  Here comes more big government!

“Education is important for those first few years of life.”  Are these early years so important?  Then why do you insist on killing children through abortion in their earliest year of life?

I think it is interesting to see Senator Joe Lieberman sitting with the Democrats, the very ones who voted him out in the primaries.

“Responsibility for a child’s education must begin at home.”  – AMEN!  Here is one area that the President and I agree on.  Now, could we work together to recognize parental rights in education?  How about the rights of parents to now if their children are cross state lines to receive an abortion?

“We must not leave our children with a debt they cannot pay.” – If only you really believed this…

“We passed a recovery plan that is free of earmarks.” WHAT???  Did the President not read this bill before he signed it?  Thank you, Republicans, who were proud enough to actually boo at this statement.

Ok, Mr. President, please explain how you can keep claiming that 95% of tax payers will receive a tax cut when you refuse to renew the Bush tax cuts which means taxes will go back up to previous levels.  That is an increase in what we are now paying in taxes, Mr. President, NOT a decrease!

“We haven’t agreed on every issue… and we will part ways in the future…”  I would to have seen some applause here.

Again, I do have to admit, it is nice to see a President with excellent speaking abilities.