Got Birth Certificate?

Constitution Party Calls For Barack Obama To Prove Eligibility For Office

Lancaster, PA, The country’s fastest-growing third party (Ballot Access News 12/08) challenged Barack Obama to release his birth certificate and dispel the grave concerns that he is ineligible to assume office as president of the United States.

“The Constitution is crystal clear on the issue of citizenship. Article 2, Section 1 states that no one can be sworn into office as President of the United States unless he is a natural born citizen”, said Constitution Party National Committee Chairman Jim Clymer.

Clymer, a Pennsylvania attorney who has litigated cases based on Constitutional law added, “Obama has yet to produce even basic proof that he was born in this country. Average citizens can’t even get a driver’s license without such proof of citizenship and Obama is contending he can assume the highest office in the land without such proof!

If a non-citizen can be given a free pass to the presidency than what’s to say someone with no allegiance and who harbors ill will toward the country won’t someday assume office?”

The Constitution Party ,which holds that the Constitution is the supreme and abiding law by which our country should be governed, contends that no one is above that law. Even Barack Obama.

Obama has refused repeated requests to release his Hawaiian birth certificate, which would include the actual hospital that performed the delivery.

Lawsuits filed in a number of states asking for proof of the basic information have been dismissed.

The Supreme Court met to discuss the issue Friday, December 5,2008.

“What is cause for concern here, in addition to the element of deceit shown by Obama and his handlers, is the apparent total disregard for the Constitution. If this eligibility question can be ignored, what does this say about how this administration will regard other Constitutional mandates?” Clymer asked.

The Constitution Party calls on Barack Obama, the Democratic National Committee, Attorneys General and Secretaries of State of the various states, Congress and the Courts to take their oaths of office and this constitutional question seriously in order to restore faith in our system of free and fair elections.


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