Free E-Book Alert – What’s Your Worldview?

9781433538926mHow Do You View the World?

It’s a big question. And how a person answers has the power to shape literally everything about his or her life.

In What’s Your Worldview?: An Interactive Approach to Life’s Big Questions, James Anderson, associate professor of theology and philosophy at Reformed Theological Seminary, leads readers on an interactive journey of discovery aimed at helping them understand and evaluate the options when it comes to identifying their worldview.

Cast in the mold of a classic “Choose Your Own Adventure” story, this unique book guides readers toward intellectually satisfying answers to life’s biggest questions—equipping them to think carefully about not only what they believe but why they believe it and how it should impact the rest of their lives.

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Free Audio Book Alert – Delighting in God by Tozer

Delighting in God is the message Tozer intended to be the follow-up to The Knowledge of the Holy. He demonstrates how the attributes of God–those things God has revealed about himself–are a way to understand the Christian life of worship and service. We are here to serve and adore him, but we can only fulfill that role by acknowledging who he is, which is the essence of the Christian life and the source of all our fulfillment, joy, and comfort.

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Book Review – Why Bother with the Church by Sam Allberry

Title: Why Bother with Church? 
Author: Sam Allberry
Publisher: The Good Book Company
Publishing Year: 2016
Pages: 95
My Rating: 5 out of 5 (1 meaning I hated the book, 5 meaning I loved the book)

If there is one conviction of mine that has grown over the years it is the necessity of the church in the life of the Christian.  I hold this conviction in spite of the fact that it seems as though more and more Christians feel like the church is not necessary for their spiritual walk.  Some claim the church is simply irrelevant to their lives while some would even go so far as to say the institutional church is actually a deterrent to their relationship with Christ.  Still others don’t see the need for a weekly hour long service when they already participate in small groups and Bible studies with like-minded believers.

Why Bother with Church by Sam Allberry is a great tool to share with friends who may hold to these errant views.  It’s a short, easy read that won’t intimidate the reader or confuse anyone with theological jargon.  It’s a straightforward look at what the church really is and one by one knocks down common objections against the necessity of church involvement.

God does not have a person, but a people.  We often speak of our personal relationship with Christ or our personal time with the Lord, but what Allberry makes clear in this book is that the Christian life was never intended to be solitary.  God does not merely have lots and lots of individual people scattered throughout the world trying to make it their own. Often times this just leads to people worshipping a God of their own creation.  No, Allberry instead asserts, “God’s purpose is not to have persons relating to him individually, but people that, together, are his.” (page 38)

The book basically serves as a primer to those who may not be familiar with church or those who are unsatisfied with broken churches and are interested to see God’s original design for this institution of his own creation.  This would make a great discipleship tool for new believers or new visitors to your church.

I’ll leave you with a few of my favorite quotes from the book:

“If you want understand how committed Jesus is to the church, here’s your answer.  He doesn’t just create it and let it be.  He marries it.  He is not just our almighty King; he is also our perfect Husband.  That’s how much concern he has for every member of his church.  That’s how much he cares about local church.  That’s how committed he is to us, for ever.” – page 22

“The point of preaching and worship is that they are corporate activities.  And therein lies the heart of what a church-skipping believer misses out on:  God’s people.” – page 32

“For all its faults and idiosyncrasies, your church is still a community that God has gathered together and in which he is present by his Spirit.  If the idea of that is boring, then the problem might be with us and not with the church.  Perhaps we’re just interested in the wrong things.” – page 75

“After all, your church is a miracle.  Next Sunday, look at those sitting around you.  It’s amazing that they’re there.  It’s amazing that they’re still trusting Jesus this Sunday – another week of God’s grace to them.  It’s amazing that you’re there, trusting Jesus this Sunday – another week of God’s grace to you.  And it’s amazing that you, with your differences and sometimes disagreements, are sitting in the same room, serving the same God and encouraging one each other – a wonderful visual aid of God’s grace to his people.  Your church is imperfect.  And that makes your church all the more miraculous.  Its imperfections are in themselves exciting, because they show just how powerful and loving the God who has brought you together must be.” – page 83

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Disclaimer: This book was provided by the publisher for review. I was under no obligation to offer a favorable review.


Gospel Points – Biblical Authority, Part 1


This week on the Gospel Points Podcast we are chatting with Pastor Caleb Kolstad of the First Baptist Church of Freeport, IL.  The issue at hand is the importance of Biblical authority.  In an age where every authority is questioned, the authority and priority of God’s Word is especially under attack.  In this first segment, Pastor Caleb defines for us just what Biblical authority is and how even some within the church may be tempted to abandon it in favor of something else.  We also discuss the difference between a Reformed and Catholic understanding of this doctrine.  Read Pastor Kolstad’s blog here –  Post Tenebras Lux

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Free E-Book Alert – What Is Biblical Theology? by James M. Hamilton Jr.

How Do You Read the Bible?

The Bible recounts a single story—one that began at creation, encompasses our lives today, and will continue till Christ’s return and beyond. In What Is Biblical Theology?, Jim Hamilton introduces us to this narrative, helping us understand the worldview of the biblical writers so that we can read the Old and New Testaments as those authors intended. Tracing the key patterns, symbols, and themes that bind the Bible together, this book will help you understand Scripture’s unified message and find your place in the great story of redemption.

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Gospel Points – The Pastor and His Health


On this episode of Gospel Points we talk about a very unpopular topic – the pastor and his health.  Often times we joke about church potlucks and eating being a crucial aspect of fellowship, but all of this ignores the reality that health is an important issue and gluttony is an actual sin. It also ignores that fact that a pastor’s health does have an impact on his ministry.  It is not something we enjoy talking about, especially overweight people like me! To talk about this Pastor Brian McLaughlin (Pastor of the Fairview Baptist Church in Decatur, AL) joins us once again.  Brian shares his story of his weight loss and gain along with the health struggles that go along with it.  We also chat about how the church can help promote good health.  Learn more of Brian’s passion at

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Free E-Book Alert – A Peculiar Glory by John Piper

full_a-peculiar-gloryThe glory of God is shining through the Bible.

God has provided a way for all people, not just scholars, to know that the Bible is the word of God. John Piper has devoted his life to showing us that the glory of God is the happiness of the soul. Now, his burden in this book is to demonstrate that this same glory is the certainty of the mind.

God’s peculiar glory shines through his word. The Spirit of God enlightens the eyes of our heart. And in one self-authenticating sight, our mind is sure, and our heart is satisfied. Justified certainty and solid joy meet in the peculiar glory of God.

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