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Free E-Book Alert – R.C. Sproul’s Critical Questions Series

It is with great excitement that I am able to announce that Ligonier Ministries has now made R.C Sproul’s Critical Questions series available for free download!

To further help Christians know what they believe, why they believe it, how to live it, and how to share it, from today the eBook editions of R.C. Sproul’s Crucial Questions series will be free forever. (click here for the entire post from Ligonier)

While there’s no rush to download these titles, you still won’t want to waste much time placing this valuable resource in your e-library.  Click each image below to download from Amazon.





KevCast 24 – Bound Together

Listen to the streaming audio here or download the mp3 here.

On this edition of the KevCast, we welcome Pastor Chris Brauns, the author of Bound Together: How We are Tied to Others in Good and Bad Choices.

“Our lives are woven together in such a way that the choices each one of us makes have an effect on the lives of others, both for good and for bad. Because much of the pain we endure in life is in the context of relationships, this truth often strikes us as unfair. Why should a child suffer because of the poor decisions of his or her parents? And on a grander scale, why do we all suffer the curse of Adam’s disobedience? Why should anyone be judged for someone else’s sin?”

Perhaps these are questions you’ve wondered about yourself. Maybe you’ve struggled with the concept of a God who slaughters innocent women and children in Jericho or most of the human race in the Noahic flood. Is God unfair?  If am bound by the actions of others, what does that say about free will and human responsibility?  If these are questions you’ve been thinking, this interview is one you will want to hear.

Listen in and hear Pastor Chris Brauns talk about the “principle of the rope” and how all of these situations actually point to a larger truth about sin andmebrauns redemption.

You can purchase a copy of Bound Together here and learn more about Pastor Chris on his blog here.  You can also read my review of this book on my book blog here.

Pictures from launch party of Bound Together held at the Red Brick Church:  (Click on each image for a larger view)

IMG_20130310_174206     IMG_20130310_181459     IMG_20130310_181518

Pastor Tim Johnson on John 14:6

Recently my friend Dr. Tim Johnson (pastor of Rock Valley Chapel) was asked to speak at Beloit College on the topic of the exclusive claims of Christianity as seen in verses like John 14:6.  If you know anything about Beloit College, you would know this would not have been what we would call “home field advantage.”  The lecture was just posted and thought I would share it with you all.

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KevCast 20 – A Look at the Book of Galatians with Pastor Terry Johnson

December 21, 2012 Leave a comment

Listen to the streaming audio here or download the mp3 here.

How does sinful man stand justified before a holy God?  The Apostle Paul focuses especially on the doctrine in his epistle to the Galatians.

On this episode of the KevCast, we are honored to have Terry Johnson, pastor of the Independent Presbyterian Church of Savannah, Georgia.  Pastor Johnson has authored several books including a new commentary on the book of Galatians published by Christian Focus as part of their Mentor Expository Commentary series.

Join us as first chat about the role commentaries play in the study life of pastors and laymen alike.  From there we launch into our look at Galatians and discuss how fundamental the doctrine of justification by faith alone is and how we fight against the dual dangers of legalism and antinomianism.  We conclude our time with a frank discussion on how the church plays its crucial role in the life of the believer.

You will not want to miss this episode!

Don’t forget to check out the Bring Me the Books Blog for more information about great books and even learn more about other titles written by today’s guest Pastor Terry Johnson.

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KevCast 15 – Jesus and Religion with Jefferson Bethke

October 20, 2012 Leave a comment

Listen to the streaming audio here or download the mp3 recording here.

Earlier this year I was privileged to have the opportunity to welcome Jefferson Bethke into my classroom via Skype.  Jefferson was gracious enough to talk with my students about his video, Why I hate Religion But Love Jesus.   The video went viral overnight.  Reactions were quick, and varied.  While some thought it summed up exactly how they felt, many others (including myself) had some reservations and critiques.  How did Jefferson handle his instant fame?  How did he handle his critics?  Does he want people to abandon all organized religion?  Tune in this week and hear the answers to these questions and many more!  (Please note, this was a friendly classroom discussion.  I purposefully was not confrontational.)

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Only the Triune God Is Love

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KevCast 08 – Big Truths for Young Hearts with Dr. Bruce Ware

How do we pass on our faith to the next generation?  In many churches today, the core doctrines of Christianity are diffused among flannel graphs and Veggie Tales leaving our children to chew on mere morality fables.  However, this does not have to be the faith we pass along.  In years past churches have used such tools as the catechism to instill the great doctrines of the faith to children who would be one day contending for them.  Can children learn Bible doctrine?  Distinguished theologian Dr. Bruce Ware (professor of Christian theology at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and former president of the Evangelical Theological Society) says yes.  In his book, Big Truths for Young Hearts, Dr. Ware helps parents take complex, hard-to-understand doctrines and explain them in such a way that even a child can begin to grasp them.

About a year ago I had the chance to interview Dr. Ware about his book and thought it was about time to allow it to see the light of day once again.  Since that time I have been honored to meet the good doctor face-to-face while attending a preview weekend at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.  I found him to be outgoing, down-to-earth and completely enthralled with Jesus!  So, join us this week on the KevCast as we talk to Dr. Bruce Ware  about how to pass on our faith to the next generation.

Download the mp3 here.

For previous KevCast episodes, please log on to www.blogtalkradio.con/kevcast.  

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A Moving Confession From James R. White

December 22, 2011 Leave a comment

I cannot tell you how much I appreciated these words from Dr. White.  I know as a Current Events teacher so often I am guilty of a lack of outrage at sins that have become so common place in our society.  Yet, Dr. White reminds us that not only must we need to be outraged at such perversions such as homosexual marriage, but that rage should be matched with tears – the same tears that fell from the eyes of Jeremiah weeping over the sins of his people.

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RCCS Chapel Message – A Journey Through Redemptive History

December 14, 2011 Leave a comment

This was the last chapel before Christmas break so I decided to take a look at just why Jesus had to be born.  However, we also looked at the broader themes of redemption, reconciliation and the whole idea of a “recreation” through the Second Adam from above.  We began in Genesis and Job and worked our way through Revelation pausing at seven stops along the way…

God Ruined My Rage-Filled Sermon Devoid of Grace

September 29, 2011 2 comments

This week we saw thousands of Christian young people gather around the pole.  “See you at the pole” is a chance for Christian students to gather for prayer around the flag pole at their local public school.  It is a brave chance to show the world just how much we treasure Christ.  It takes courage to do. 

At Rock County Christian School, we too took part in the event.  However, at our school, it was a required event – no courage needed.  The event falls on Wednesday, our chapel day.  As I prepared my chapel message, I felt the need to make mention of this fact.  Where is our courage?  Where is our willingness to stand up for God and let our testimony shine?   I was amped up!

Soon after I began writing I started to feel a bit uneasy.  The sermon was coming along great.  I was going to let these neither-hot-nor-cold, apathetic kids have it!  I was going to challenge them to take a stand and do great things for the Lord!  I was on a roll, but this uneasy feeling seemed to grow.  I couldn’t quite put my finger on it, but I knew there some just wasn’t right.

All of a sudden conviction hit me like a truck.  It dawned on me, there was no sense of grace in my message.  My message was more a product of anger than it was Biblical study and prayer.  I knew what these kids were lacking and I was going to beat them over head with it.  Memories of leaving church feeling discouraged and “verbally abused” came flooding back to my mind.  Not only that, but I had basically reverted back to my old fundamentalist days which focused merely on “preaching for decisions.”  I was looking to merely produce external morality that would make our student body look good.  No grace, no understanding, and no God.

The Lord brought Romans 15:1 to mind, “We who are strong have an obligation to bear with the failings of the weak, and not to please ourselves.”  In my rage, I failed to consider if my sermon would actually encourage anyone to deepen their relationship with the Lord.  In fact, had they really listened to this message, they would have taken away the idea they themselves had to summon up the courage and produced their own righteousness to display to the outside world.  What a horrible message to send!  While seeking to make our Christian school look better, I was actually denying the very gospel that makes us Christian in the first place!

Starting over from square one, I would then proceed to write out a new message.  While I still launched an attack against an all too comfortable, easy-believism faith that results in nothing, I challenged students to cling to grace and run toward Christ.  True, saving faith that results in the works we desire to see is only the product of Christ working within us.  This ought to be a great encouragement to renounce our sin and embrace the gospel grace that changes the hearts and lives of such sinful people.  The men and women of Hebrews 11 are not merely heroes to emulate, but sinners whose faith was counted as righteousness.  They accomplished great works for God, but this was despite their sin and many failures.  Their strength was not merely an inward resolve to serve, but the product of a faith that had its anchor in Jesus. 

I am truly humbled that God will be gracious enough to ruin my message.  May He do so again and again.  I will need it!  I have a lot to learn…

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